Brainwave Music LAB

Marko Ahokangas does with sound everything that is possible according to the laws of physics. He is interested in peopleĀ“s subjective experiences and the possibility to produce and manage this experience. The aim is to undress the images produced by thoughts using own experiments and perceptions. The goal is to experience matters untaintedly without predefined rules of our physical world.
Marko Ahokangas
© Oliver Ahokangas 1y 10mth
Marko Alastalo is a performance artist and music theorist who is interested in the possibilities of interaction opened by brainwave music. His goal is to bring the mystified dimensions of art back to the realm of sensory perceptions, and to give the responsibility of building performances back to the audience.
Otto Eskelinen is a multi-instrumentalist and musical trailblazer. His method is largely based on intuition. Otto's music combines traditional, even romantic elements with new and unorthodox ones. Brainwavemusic offers him an opportunity par excellence to fulfill and explore this doctorine.
Otto Eskelinen
Erkki Joutseno is a musician and performance artist, eager to explore new vistas free from any prejudice whatsoever. Brainwave music provides him with an opportunity for impulssive communication without pressure of anticipation. Dedication and mediation are decisive motifs in Erkki's existence.
Erkki Joutseno
Light designer Jenni Kääriäinen is also interested in cognitive science. She wants to create assosiative circumstances in peformative situations. Identifiability, functional light an space design, and the relation between materials and content are focal points of her visual thinking.
Dance and performance artist Maija Mustonen is interested in questions around intimicy, encounter, contiguity and ritual. She is currently finishing her master degree at the Finnish Academy of Fine Art in site- and situation specific art. Maija is also making her living partly as a masseur.
Maija Mustonen
Lauri Nurminen is a psychologists and neuroscienctist who is into subjective experience and its limits. During freetime he seriously conceives himself as a rockstar or otherwise important artist. The brain music lab project gives Lauri the freedom of expression that is natural in fine arts without having to sacrifice the joy of semi-exactness in experimental science.
Lauri Nurminen
Miika Pihlaja is a dancing mathematician working with machine learning and theoretical statistics. He has a dirty past in neuroscience, specifically in the field of neuroimaging and computational modeling. Miika is also a renowned web developer and medicore hacker who writes poetry with LaTeX. He doesn't have a Python under his belt and does not dream in C++.
Timo Säämänen is a psychology student and a free-time crazy scientist, who has become very interested in the use of bioinformation for the benefit of art and entertainment. Timo is also drawn towards future possibilities, that we can learn through reciprocal music and performance. A neuropsychological rehabilitation tool? A whole new way of communicating between man and machine? We're here to find out.
Timo Säämänen