Brainwave Music LAB


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Performative Experiments on Human Test Subjects. This work is an interactive performance installation that combines digital media with body interactions. During each session, the brain activity of the single audience member / test subject is measured and transformed into music in real time.

Video documentation of a live improvisation session with two musicians and brainwave music. The brainwave music is created in real time by Otto Eskelinen, while he is simultaneously playing the saxophone. The other musician, Erkki Joutseno, plays the wind instruments and percussion. While improvising, both of them can hear Otto's brainwave sounds and react to them with their instruments.

Brain Karaoke is an interactive environment in which some members of the audience have a possibility to transfer their brain activity into sounds in real time. Listening to those real-time brain sounds of a single audience member, two live musicians, OttoEskelinen and Erkki Joutseno, improvise with their own instruments. The musicians have two tasks: 1. reacting to the brainwave sounds and 2. giving the audience member different musical impulses, which have an influence on his brain activity and the sounds the brain is creating.


Performative Experiments on Human Test Subjects - TEAK
BrainwavemusicLAB - Human|Culture: The year of interactive arts Gallery RaakaIdea, Imatra (Photos Santtu Määttänen)